Dr. Chittum

Mark E. Chittum, MD graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from the University of Utah in 1978. In 1982 he graduated from medical school at the same institution. His internship, residency in Ophthalmology, and fellowship in Retinal Surgery were completed at the University of Washington in 1987.

Dr. Chittum founded the Retina Consultants of Southern Colorado in 1987. The main office was located in Colorado Springs, and eventually, our satellite office was established in Pueblo to provide convenient services for patients with retinal disorders in southern Colorado. The practice has since grown to include 5 physicians.

Dr. Chittum is board certified in Ophthalmology, and a member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, American Society of Retina Specialists, Colorado Medical Society, and the El Paso County Medical Society.

His interests include all medical aspects of vitreoretinal diseases as well as surgery for vitreoretinal disorders.

Dr. Chittum’s C.V.