Tafenoquine Study – Volunteers needed

Make a difference for people across the globe. We are looking for healthy volunteers to participate in paid clinical research involving anti-malarial drug Tafenoquine. Tafenoquine (also known as Arakoda) is an FDA approved drug for the treatment of malaria and is being tested further in this clinical trial.

If you are interested in being part of a project that could help people around the world including our military, consider making a difference and participate in this study.


Reliable volunteers between the age of 18-55 and in good general health.

Commitment to 9 study visits over a course of 15 months

Volunteers will be asked to take the Tafenoquine pill and keep contact with our research department

Blood draw, eye exam, and a questionnaire will be performed at each study visit

Please complete the form below for more information or to volunteer for the study.

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Tafenoquine anti-malaria trial is starting soon!