Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Website Guidelines

I’m doctor James Luu.  I write most if not all of the articles on this website.  I write on topics that I feel are of interest to my patients and patients at RCSC.  I’d like set some usage guidelines.  I do my best to keep the information current and accurate.  The information in the articles is not meant to diagnose or treat any conditions.  They are basic information intended as background to start a dialogue with your doctor.  I am not a professional writer and do not have a team to help me edit these articles.  Usage of this website assumes that you accept this fact and free me from any legal liabilities that may arise from the contents.

If you have questions or suggestions about our website or an article on this website, please contact me via our contact form below.  Please do not send personal information.  I will not answer individual questions about personal medical conditions.  If there are enough questions regarding a particular topic, I will answer these questions in a future FAQ post.