What to expect

Please be prepared to spend 2-3 hours at your initial appointment.
 This visit involves taking a detailed history of your medical history, a comprehensive dilated eye exam, performing diagnostic testing (i.e. fundus photos, fluorescein angiogram, OCT, and others as needed), and discussion of your diagnosis and treatment plan.  Some patient may need treatment on the same day.  Subsequent follow-up exams are typically quicker.  We always do our best to stay on schedule.  But due to the nature of our field, we often have to add emergent patients to our schedule.  We will notify you of any long delay.

  • We recommend bringing a friend or family member with you to each visit.  Most visits will involve dilation of your pupils in order to exam your eye and treat your condition.  Your vision may be blurred for several hours.  We recommend that you do not drive during that time.

  • Please bring to your appointment:

    • Please fill out all necessary forms prior to each visit.  Forms can be downloaded here.

    • Your current eyeglasses, those you use for driving or watching TV.

    • A list of your medications, including eye drops and vitamins

    • A copy of your insurance card and photo ID.  Please notify us ahead of your visit if your insurance has changed from past visits.

    • You may have a co-payment requirement from your insurance company. Please be prepared to make this payment at each visit.

    • Please keep us up to date with the names of your referring doctor and primary care doctor.

    • Please bring a translator if English is not your native language.

  • We will always attempt to schedule you with the doctor you prefer.  Exceptions are when your doctor is not available, in surgery or in a different office.  All of the Retina Consultant doctors have similar experience and training and share similar goals with patient care.  We hope you will feel comfortable with any of them, especially in an urgent situation.

Thank you for entrusting your care to the Retina Consultants of Southern Colorado.