Retinal tear


What is a retinal tear?


A retinal tear is a rip in the retinal tissue.






What causes a retinal tear?


A retinal tear is usually caused by contraction of the vitreous get in a process called vitreous detachment.







What are the symptoms of the tear?


  • Sudden onset of floaters.
  • Seeing flashes of light.
  • Blurred or loss of vision


What should you do when you experience these symptoms?


  • Contact your doctor immediately
  • Keep physical activities at a minimal until you can be seen by your doctor
  • Untreated retinal tears can lead to a retinal detachment


How are retinal tears treated?


  • Most small tears can be treated with laser retinopexy
  • Some tears needs to be treated with cryoretinopexy
  • Tears with associated retinal detachment may need surgery.


What can I expect after laser or cryoretinopexy?


  • Your eye may be red and irritated for several days
  • Keep your physical activities at a minimum to reduce the chance of extending the existing tear or developing a new tear
  • Floaters and blurriness from the tear can take days to weeks to improve. Most patients continue to have floater even after the tear is completely healed.
  • Laser and cryoretinopexy treats only the existing tear and cannot prevent a new tear from developing. If you have recurrence of your symptoms, or worsening of your symptoms, notify your doctor immediately. This may be a sign of a new tear.